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Sadly yes

No it’s not and I’m tired of people shitting on Lori’s character.

Lori went with Shane to keep Carl safe, first and foremost. Everything was to keep Carl safe. In the time while Rick wasn’t there, Lori continued without faltering to be a present mother in Carl’s life; she continued to give him an education and let him be a kid as much as she possibly could with the circumstances. 

Everyone keeps calling her a slut for sleeping with Shane, but I don’t think you guys understand the gravity of the situation. Her husband is presumed dead along with the majority of the fucking world. I think that warrants her a little bit of comfort. When Rick came back she cut things off with Shane immediately and even  told him it was a mistake. She kept her wedding band for a reason. 

When the shit hit the fan and they ended up at Hershel’s farm, Lori was adamant about giving Carl something of an education and something of a childhood. That only changed because Rick changed it and other unfortunate things happened (ie, Sophia being a walker) Lori stayed with Rick through it all because they’re a family. There aren’t too many families left in the apocalypse. 

Lori wanted things to be okay and she wanted them to be safe, Carl started to think of Lori in a way similar to what the fandom thinks of her and the worst part is— She fucking knew it but there was nothing she could do. Everything she did, she did to keep some sort of normalcy in a fucked up situation.

Even as she was dying she was trying to comfort Carl. A mother will do anything for her child and Lori did everything she possibly could for her child. She messed up a few times, but can you really blame her? Rick knew all of this and was still a complete dick to her, that’s why he’s feels so guilty about her death.

The entire episode was Rick and Carl realising that they could come back from where they were and sometimes accepting help is okay. That in no way erases what Lori did for both of them. Carl just shut down with Lori died, and it’s obvious that she was the one who kept Rick whole. Carl obviously still loves his mom to bits— Why else would he have gotten the picture?

Michonne also lost some people very important to her and she was alone when she was getting through it, she knows it sucks to have no one there to listen. She’s a good person and obviously one of the better people they’ve met. She’s probably going to be their saving grace in the next few episodes but don’t equate her to be Lori’s replacement, even Michonne would probably give you a thumbs down for that one.

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“This world, what it is now, this is where you belong. And I may not have what it takes to last for long, but that’s okay. ‘Cause at least I can say when the world goes to shit, I didn’t let it take me down with it.”

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